Research Materials from the Project

Date and time: 2024.02.26
Research materials produced by our project are available as follows.
  • Benchmark instances for the independent set reconfiguration problem (Token Jumping problem)
We have released 693 benchmark instances used in the international programming competition series CoRe Challenge. Solvers submitted to the competitions and their results are also available.
- The 1st Combinatorial Reconfiguration Challenge (CoRe Challenge 2022)
- The 2nd Combinatorial Reconfiguration Challenge (CoRe Challenge 2023)
  • Solvers for Combinatorial Reconfiguration Problems
Group B01 developed three types of combinatorial reconfiguration solvers, which are available in the following four formats.
  • CoReViewer: GUI for Combinatorial Reconfiguration Solvers (Windows / Mac / Linux)
Group B01 developed software that allows you to solve combinatorial reconfiguration problems by operating it via GUI. The internal solver engine is interchangeable, and it is also possible to incorporate your own solver into CoReViewer.